The institute for Quantum Technologies in Occitanie

An Occitan federation of academic & industrial key players in Quantum Technologies

What are quantum Technologies ?

Quantum technologies are emerging disruptive technologies that use quantum objects, individually or as a whole, to design new components that perform better than their classical counterparts. Based on a strong engineering know-how, these technologies address four fields of application: quantum communications with absolute confidentiality, quantum sensors with unparalleled performance, quantum simulation capable of describing or predicting complex problems still without answer, quantum computing with unprecedented computing capabilities.

Quantum technologies in Occitanie

Occitan researchers and engineers are present in the field of quantum technologies. The Occitanie laboratories have in particular a renowned expertise in new solid-state supports for quantum information but also the nano- and micro-fabrication of derived quantum components. The fields of application that they explore, both in their theoretical and experimental aspects, relate to (i) quantum communications (solid-state sources of quantum light, quantum interfaces, cryptography protocols, quantum logic, deployment of quantum communications in space, etc.), (ii) quantum sensors (for magnetometry, electrometry, thermometry, force measurement, gravity measurement, etc.) as well as (iii) quantum simulation (by use of collective states in atomic assemblies or semiconductor materials, etc. ).

The main key players in the Occitanie Region

These researchers, from the CNRS, the Montpellier University, the Paul Sabatier University, the INSA, and the ISAE-SupAereo  in Toulouse,  develop their activities in various laboratories including:

Several manufacturers located in the Occitanie region have also expressed their great interest in this field of research and innovation within the Regional Innovation Strategy. These include: Thales Aliena Space, the CNES, ATOS, TimeLink Microsystems, Airbus, the IRT Saint-Exupery, IBM and the CERFACS.

The Institute for Quantum Technonologies in Occitanie

All these players are gathered within the Institute for Quantum Technologies in Occitanie with three main goals:

  • Strengthening knowledge sharing and scientific excellence in this research field,
  • Raising awareness among local manufacturers about these new technologies, and strengthening research transfer.
  • Preparing students and engineers for the jobs of the future around quantum technologies.