2021 May: Single molecules for quantum technologies

Researchers from CEMES, jointly with their colleagues from CNRS-INO, LENS, IQST, Imperial College London, ICFO, University of Erlangen, LION, Polish Academy of Sciences, Universität Münster and ICREA, provide an overview of the opportunities offered by single organic molecules for quantum photonic technologies in a review paper published in Nature Materials.

2021 April: Funding of 6 PhD and 3 post-doctotal fellowships

The 2021 call for post-doctoral and PhD fellowships is closed. The granted PhD projects are: A.I.-Light setting a collaboration between LPCNO and LAAS, Dinamite and Top2Ddi at L2C, SQQS setting a collaboration between LAAS and the CNR-NIOM in Trieste, MAWQUANC at LCAR and TOPO DIRAC III_V setting a collaboration between IES and L2C. The 3 […]