Institute for Quantum Technologies
in Occitanie

The Institute for Quantum Technologies in Occitanie was launched in January 2021. It gathers all the Occitan key-players in the field, from academic research institutions but also private companies. It aims at fostering knowledge sharing and scientific excellence in this research field, strengthening research transfer and preparing students and engineers around quantum technologies.


Latest news

2022 April: Funding of 6 PhD and 3 post-doctotal fellowships

The 2022 call for post-doctoral and PhD fellowships is closed. The granted PhD projects are: CTOMAQ at LCAR, QuaSiMMoON at LPT, 2D-QSens setting a collaboration between LPCNO and L2C, NYLS setting a collaboration between IMT and LPT, Quantum Chirality setting a collaboration between LNCMI and the University of Sherbrooke, and QuPolaritonFluid at L2C. The 3 granted post-doctoral projects are: QUALITY starting a collaboration between ICGM and LCAR, QUATERMA at L2C and HyTop starting a collaboration between LAAS and CEMES.

2022 April: 2022 second call for a PhD fellowhip

A second 2022 call for a PhD fellowship is open. The scholarships will be attributed on topics targeting the following application fields: quantum computing, quantum communications, quantum sensing and quantum simulation. The thesis will have to be carried out in close collaboration between two research units located respectively in the Montpellier campus and in the Toulouse campus. Details about the call can be downloaded here. The template for applying to the call can be downloaded here. The deadline for sending applications is 23th May 2022, 11:59 AM.