Institute for Quantum Technologies
in Occitanie

The Institute for Quantum Technologies in Occitanie was launched in January 2021. It gathers all the Occitan key-players in the field, from academic research institutions but also private companies. It aims at fostering knowledge sharing and scientific excellence in this research field, strengthening research transfer and preparing students and engineers around quantum technologies.


Latest news

December 2021: festival IA Pau

The Institut quantique occitan will be present during the IA Pau Festival from December the 3rd to December the 5th 2021.

2021 May: Single molecules for quantum technologies

Researchers from CEMES, jointly with their colleagues from CNRS-INO, LENS, IQST, Imperial College London, ICFO, University of Erlangen, LION, Polish Academy of Sciences, Universität Münster and ICREA, provide an overview of the opportunities offered by single organic molecules for quantum photonic technologies in a review paper published in Nature Materials.